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Исполнитель: Five Iron Frenzy Альбом: All The Hype That Money Can Buy Дорожка: 10
Язык: Английский

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When no one looks the clouds come rolling in, 
And under darkened skies the buildings grow big teeth and eyes. 
They breathe and walk through unending doors, 
Eating restaurants, and barbershops, and hardware stores. 
With catch phrases and jingles stealing, 
Steal and concrete lies, 
The corridors of Babylon are craning for the skies. 

Who's behind the curtain anyway, 
Who pulls the levers and tells the lies? 
Giants roam the land today, 
Gaining dominance with every stride. 

Oh don't you cry for the mom and pops, 
Nothing but dry eyes for integrity's demise. 
Hulking machines grind as whistles blow, 
Corporate Darwinism crushes everything below. 
Advances in efficiency increasing productivity, 
Are narrowing the margin for liberty. 

This house is haunted by the ghost of Adam Smith, 
The Wealth of Nations and the further death of innocence. 
To rule the world, the desire of every man, 
The earth is shaking, 
There are giants in the land. 

See the blood red sun is rising, 
On the broken carnage from the darkest days. 
Giants locked together arm and arm, 
Pushing all the meek out of the way.

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